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Belfast History and Memories / WILLIAM CONOR ..BELFAST PAINTER
« Last post by RBR60 on Today at 03:56:08 PM »
Any info on Conor the painter,,,,date and place of birth ?,,? burial ?
I second that I lived at 66 Conway street
Belfast Genealogy / Re: 53 Matilda Street Belfast
« Last post by cookstown on Today at 03:39:28 PM »
Good luck nixey glad to be of some help.  If I find out anymore I'll give you a shout.
Regards Coostown.
Belfast Genealogy / Re: 53 Matilda Street Belfast
« Last post by nixey15 on Today at 03:10:30 PM »
Thanks again Cookstown! I have discovered a newspaper clipping that confirms the relative did indeed spend time at Malone. He then committed another crime that sent him to borstal for 3 years.

I will check with PRONI to see if there are records that I can view. Fingers crossed!

Belfast History and Memories / Re: The Canberra
« Last post by RBR60 on Today at 03:07:45 PM »
my Da was a plumber in the shipyard !  about 1958 ?  I remember him going on sea trials on the Canberra,  I cannot think why he came back with a silver plated milk jug ??  I still have it with the P&O crest on it,,,,he never made a fortune out of the shipyard,,,allways came home dirty,,,,,my Da !
Exiles / Re: CANADA TO-DAY.
« Last post by urneygirl on Today at 02:53:24 PM »
Good morning all, I hope everyone is well this nice sunny morning  :)

New York is getting hit with a bad snow storm, I hope they don't send any to us.  :-\

Liz, I'm glad you enjoyed your Champ, it was nice of Roisin to think about you, now I'm in the mood for it, Bobby loves it but I don't make it very often.

I can't believe Easter is nearly upon us, I'll have to get dinner sorted out with Karen, she had to work last year so I hope she's off this year.

Leah was at the eye doctor yesterday, she's been getting headaches, turns out she has a problem in one eye so now she has to wear glasses, can't wait to see what glasses she picks because she likes big sun glasses :D  :D   

Thanks guys but these buildings are very confusing. You would think automatically that it's Conway Street but the mills are different shape structures. I wonder if it is North Howard Street?

St Anthony - do you have any other photos of the area? I am particularly keen to find photos of buses burned or used as barricades in August 1969.
  it is def Conway st. %100
Looking for old friends or family / Ewarts Mill, Crumlin Road.
« Last post by Denby on Today at 11:02:51 AM »
anyone remember office staff, late 1960's?
Exiles / Re: CANADA TO-DAY.
« Last post by SIXTYNINER on Today at 10:49:55 AM »

shamrock249 - Funny I was not on the Falls Rd, much,  that was pretty all trolley buses. I was mainly on the petrol buses out of Short Strand. Trolleys ran out of the Haymarket. Worked trolleys once on the Falls Rd and wouldn't you know it, was just as School was getting out and it seemed like I had a couple of hundred kids on board, probably 1/2 of them never paid.

Ruby - good to hear from you - you and Bobby seem to be very busy.

Liz -  I left Belfast in 1965 and cannot recall many of the men I worked with.
Desi, I had answered this last night and then it said I had no internet connection so I left in frustration.  I guess   you've been in Canada a long time then.   I bet you can't believe how long you've been here sometimes.  Liz :-*
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