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For my sins, I worked on a couple of stalls at Nutt's Corner market as a kid. There was an old fella up there who regularly walked round taking everything in. He was rich beyond most people's wildest dreams but didn't look like he'd 2d. Once he saw this bulky old man looking at a large and heavy second-hand skillet, maybe a foot in diameter, and he turned to me and said, "I bet he could eat the fill of that."

There were some quite wealthy people in Lowwood who got on with their lives like they'd nothing at all set to one side for a rainy day. They were characters, and this weekend I'll come on and mention some of the things I saw as a kid, and always with the greatest of respect for them and the times back then which to me are a treasure to contemplate.

Good luck to the Shore Road and all whose houses haven't been torn down!
I love talking to you two, Keith and Tommy, for we can soon get into the nitty-gritty and no mucking about, but by and large this post is soap-box time so yous'll have to bear with me. If you're squeamish, bored or think I'm weird, look away now.  :D

Keith your memory is absolutely VIVID and everything you say brings the touch of common sense to things. Yes, that'll likely be it: a team to do the caretaking, but why not flog the house to the general public with a wee bit of a garden clipped off the school's grounds to raise funds for the educational pot? Why get rid of it altogether? Is it because it was a bit dodgy? (This is only speculation to try to figure out why it was demolished).

Why I thought it might have been made of those pre-cast concrete sheets, perhaps made to look like rows of bricks, is because a lot of older caretakers' houses from the 50s and 60s over here look sort of semi-permanent, as if not built to last. Tommy, I didn't mean that the house itself was asbestos, I meant another semi-permanent material because the school was not made of a permanent material itself. See what I mean? After the war they built a lot of stuff which was emergency housing, as we know, and a few miles up the road from me now there is a small, old council estate made of pre-cast concrete which looks similar to Mr. B's. It has weathered-in quite well and the other year one went up for sale and caused surveyors and building society eejits who lend the money no end of worry, lol. Would it crumble after they let someone borrow against it? Would it heck! but you know how it is when money is at stake (cryptic remark).

But either way all this is only speculation to try to figure out why everything round the road is in the centre of the bullseye of eejits who have nothing better to do than decide what building is next for oblivion round the road. "We'll pick on the Shore Road again it's an easy target" is what I reckon is going on and it makes me annoyed that they get away with it. I'm only interested in trying to figure out why it was torn down if it was a perfectly good building.  What about the tram depot? it should have been a listed building! it was the road's own Victorian castle! And what a waste it was wrecking the damn thing! If that had have been in south Belfast they'd have turned it into an antique market or some silly daft centre for people to go and contemplate their navels and afterwards buy cups a coffee at a tenner a go!

What all my speculation is in aid of is this: who is it that wants there to be nothing left of the Shore Road of old and why are they getting away with decimating it? Maybe if someone somewhere (like us talking here now) is beginning to wonder and raise concerns they will stop doing it! I want someone to come on here form the authorities to explain to me why all this is happening! Come out of the woodwork if you dare (if there's any left) wherever you are and answer these concerns! Why did you get rid of half of the Victorian and Edwardian Shore Road so easily? Would it be because you could without opposition? In the same vein as having us accept the Tip Head in the fifties and its never-ending acres of rubbish because of all the things you were going to do for the road, but failed to deliver your promises? Why did we have to get everyone else's rubbish? Was it because we were a soft target?

Now back to talking to Tommy and Keith. As per the logic of tearing everything down: by someone else's logic, Depot Terrace should now be useless, yet it still stands like a fortress refusing to be besieged!! It's like a haunted castle out of a myth no-one dares go near for fear of a curse! Ha ha! How come it's the big survivor? What's all this about? What other road gets its heart and soul ripped out and nothing but empty gaps left? I reckon they can't "do" Depot Terrace quite so easily because we are onto them! Someone, somewhere is furious and they know it! And that someone is me!

Do you get my drift now or should I go on and on and on and on  :D

Regards to Tommy and Keith, love you guys to bits.  :-*
Belfast Chat / Re: SF leaders meet Varadkar over NI political impasse
« Last post by Sally Ann on Today at 03:56:25 AM »
Quite sure meetings like this, do a lot of good.  ::)

& Sure, just whatever ya think and say love! ;) ::) :D
Belfast Chat / Re: Jayda arrested for hate speech
« Last post by White dee on Today at 03:50:05 AM »

Here's some more Muslins who want to conquer the world,no wait,make that Isis,
Bet you never read this on/in the mainstream media,
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Excise Street, Grosvenor Road.
« Last post by LONE RANGER on Today at 03:18:12 AM »
              These ladies wait to kiss under the balls .

Belfast Chat / Re: Jayda arrested for hate speech
« Last post by doare. on Today at 12:05:34 AM »

Very interesting doare but,what's it got to do with this topic ?

Note, "Current affairs etc, only relating to today's Belfast and surrounding area"

the muslim comment on "world control"?
Belfast Chat / Re: I really think it's time for this
« Last post by Hairoil777 on Yesterday at 10:24:53 PM »
eh east and west Germany come to mind :D

 ::)  Beam me up Barney      :D
Belfast Genealogy / Re: Stephenson
« Last post by Raystephenson on Yesterday at 09:55:18 PM »

Thanks so much for the information.

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