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Belfast Chat / Re: Should aboration be legal in Northern Ireland?
« Last post by James James on Today at 02:45:24 PM »
 ::) Just to remind and clarify the matter a bit for any readers who might be getting a tad confused about what they're reading.

The topic of this thread is,... "Should abortion be legal in Northern Ireland ?"
Belfast History and Memories / Re: THE MILLS BELFAST
« Last post by phild707 on Today at 02:43:26 PM »
Can you provide a source (eg. was it a census return)?

The only potential reference I could see in the Ireland 1901 and 1911 censuses was one to 'reeler flax' - is that a possibility?
Spot on! The mistakes arose when the original household return was transcribed into the digital form.
The transcriber in each case, struggling with the handwriting of the original, came up with the gobbledygook that I was asking about.
On revisiting the original returns I can see and understand their mistakes.
It should have been 'linen yarn reeler' and 'reeler flax'.
Just goes to show how much can get lost in translation!
Thanks very much.[/color][/font][/size]
Belfast History and Memories / Re: THE MILLS BELFAST
« Last post by phild707 on Today at 02:25:44 PM »

Linen Yarn Reeler? (as in winding it onto a bobbin?)
Ah yes, that would make more sense.
Belfast Chat / Re: Man Shot Dead In West Belfast.
« Last post by James James on Today at 01:51:14 PM »
Would it have been more acceptable if he had been murdered elsewhere. ?!
Belfast Chat / Re: Billy Graham
« Last post by ExBuckfastdrinker on Today at 01:44:45 PM »

Great link Bucky,wish I'd have thought of that  :D :-*

You did link here,34653.msg2020064.html#msg2020064
Also I do not read all of your posts so there is no need to assume I do. Unless it helps you get your day in pointing this out.

Whats on in Belfast / Belfast Easter Parade
« Last post by James James on Today at 01:43:48 PM »
"February 20 2018"

"Dissidents plan paramilitary-style Easter parade in Belfast"

"Several thousand dissident republicans are to hold their Easter parade in Belfast this year - which is expected to be led by a colour party in paramilitary-style clothing."

"They will march from Divis Street up the Falls Road to Milltown Cemetery. Eight bands will take part and the Easter Saturday gathering will be addressed by a high-profile anti-Agreement republican."

"The militant republican party Saoradh claimed the anniversary would be "an opportunity for those who legitimately continue to struggle for Irish freedom by whatever means necessary to re-dedicate ourselves to the ongoing fight to end the British occupation of our country"."

"It will apply to the Parades Commission for permission to march. Two similar Easter parades in Coalisland and Londonderry were led by colour parties of masked men and women wearing black berets, sunglasses and paramilitary style clothing."    etcetera...
Belfast Chat / Re: Predators NI.
« Last post by ExBuckfastdrinker on Today at 01:40:20 PM »

NO, not merely in his, or in anyone else's opinion.

What they are, as a factual matter, is vigilantes, and as a factual matter, what they are doing, and the way that that they are doing it, is vigilantism.

That has also been said by the PSNI,... who, are a professionally qualified and legally authorised and publicly and legally accountable law enforcement agency,... which none of those vigilante groups or any of their self appointed members are.
"Paedophile vigilante actions could lead to violence, warns PSNI"

"A self-styled "paedophile hunter" vigilante group has been warned to stop its stings on suspected sexual predators as they could jeopardise official court cases and put lives in danger."

A young Belfast man who was wrongly targeted and harassed by one of those groups, as others have also been, correctly described them and the nature of their activities.
"A YOUNG man who has been mistaken for sexual predator targeted by a vigilante group has denounced them as "self-serving, attention seeking bullies and thugs"."

He also said this about them...

"Such groups, purportedly anxious to safeguard society's morals and protect children, present themselves as protectors of the community or alternative law enforcers."

"What initially starts as online cyber vigilantism by those voicing outrage quickly mutates from calls of outrage into calls for justice outside the law."

"The activities of these vigilante groups has inspired citizen-led violence and vigilante action in the form of public harassment and physical attacks on the individuals they publicly shame and their properties; with several incidents of mistaken identity where the community has attacked the wrong person."

"The `informal policing' by these vigilante groups makes the work of inter-agency professionals much more difficult."

"I do not personally believe these groups are motivated by a desire to protect and safeguard children or that such motivation is their first or primary concern but rather clickbait - the widespread dissemination of content through online engagement (likes, shares and comments) and to establish for themselves an online celebrity status."

"These groups, in their quest to publicly shame individuals, are self-serving attention seeking bullies and thugs more concerned with tabloid and online social media titillation than they are with the protection and safeguarding of children."

Everyone in Ulster in general, and in Belfast in particular, have better reasons than most to know what vigilantism can and does lead to,... and they also need to decide whether they want to live in a society that is governed by the rule of law, or by the law of the jungle,... and in very recent years they have had much direct experience of what form and effect the latter has in practice.

Ok then in his and yours and some other people's opinion. My view on PHNI and Mr "This Is What You Call Power" is clear to see by reading my posts on this thread. However as I have said PHNI is just one group of many and although I support these groups it is clear to see that I do not support the way he acted in regards to Kevin Magee.
Belfast Chat / Re: Thinking of returning
« Last post by JackM on Today at 12:55:24 PM »
I'd go to County Down, somewhere near Rostrevir. Good luck with wherever you choose.

Rostrevor    Good Lord. Too far out and too far from everything else.  :D
Belfast Chat / Re: Predators NI.
« Last post by JackM on Today at 12:52:54 PM »
These vigilantes are pure thugs and simple.
We simply cannot allow this vermin to run around breaking the law. They will be dealt with.  :)

Jack. I've rearranged the first sentence of your post. I hope you don't mind but I think my version is probably more correct. ;)

No, certainly I don't mind. Very good rearrangement if I may add.  O0 O0
Belfast Chat / Re: Predators NI.
« Last post by JackM on Today at 12:50:49 PM »
In your opinion.

No. In every law abiding person`s opinion, I suspect. People in this country have had more than enough of vigilantes.
A Senior PSNI friend of mine assures me, `these thugs will be dealt with`. Watch this space.  ;)
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