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[font=]Looking for Sharon McCormick born 1960 Sandy Row went to Blythe St Primary and Kelvin Secondary. Left in about 1973 to live in Belvour Estate Ballycairn Drive I think. Any help appreciated[[/font]
I also remember the Midland Hotel having a disco in the late 70s for a while going there with our mate Dempy a few times, but it didn't really last pints were pricey for that time and didn't get the crowd.
Very interesting info on the Midland Hotel Jimmy, i heard that story about Stan laurel getting a haircut there we were told it was Eddie Allen's barbers in Dock st nearby, his son Harry was in our class in Dunlambert University and also had a barbers shop on Nth Queen st for a number of years just before the Mount bar, laurel and Hardy also played at the Duncairn picture house around that time probably the same tour, Daz.
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Bread & Milk Dessert from Belfast
« Last post by Bigali on Today at 07:51:06 PM »
Hi Bill ,

You're right in what you say about the pudding,  although I'm originally a country boy from North Antrim it was something we used to get as kids as well , we called it paneda , I'm sure there are many variations of the spelling.

As I recall it was crusts of a plain white loaf with hot milk poured over and sprinkled with sugar and sometimes cinnamon  and if we were lucky maybe some cream poured on as well , I suppose it was a sort of easier version of bread and butter pudding.
Belfast History and Memories / Bread & Milk Dessert from Belfast
« Last post by billh35 on Today at 07:02:51 PM »
As a young child I remember my mum making a dessert with bread and milk which I loved. I cannot remember the name of it - but it was a traditional Belfast recipe that she had gotten from her mother. My mum is 99 now and has Alzheimers and Vascular Dementia. She thinks it may have been called something like "paneddy" but that could be completely wrong.

Can anyone tell me what this could be and how do you make it?
Belfast Chat / Re: This is not exceptable vv
« Last post by barney bhouy on Today at 06:41:15 PM »
Republican/Sinn Fein /IRA-Only have one Agenda-anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.
They absolutely hate anything and everything British.
There is no way to deal or come to any sort of an agreement with such people.
Ethnic cleansing is their ultimate aim for their 32 counties.
No British,Orange Orders,Masonic,or just the ordinary oul non Roman Catholic need apply.they will
probably though due to their professed PC-accept Muslims!
 ;) :D great to see such an unbiased and even handed view :D
Belfast Genealogy / Re: searching for family in Downpatrick
« Last post by Bill Sloan on Today at 06:27:22 PM »
Hello Sam - The family's time in Downpatrick was only temporary.  My grandfather was originally from Bray, County Wicklow. My grandmother was from Ayr, Scotland. My grandfather was working in England for the GPO as a telegraph engineer from before 1911 (the family shows up in the 1911 England and Wales census) until sometime around 1918 to 1920-21 (my father was born in Chard, Somerset in 1918).  I know the family was living in the Downpatrick area by 1921 because of the letter my grandmother wrote from Quoile.  I believe my grandfather might have actually working (and living) as a telegraph engineer [/size]in Belfast and coming home only periodically, while the rest of the family was living Downpatrick.  My father's father (my paternal great grandfather) was originally born in the Townland of Drumgath, in the area of Rathfriland.  I am trying to pin down the family in the Drumgath area. I have been in touch with the Presbyterian Churches in Rathfriland (the family identified as Presbyterian in the 1901 Irish census), but that did not lead me to any birth or christening records for my great grandfather - though there were Sloans in the area.  I am thinking the family might have attended a church in a neighboring Townland.  Still a work in progress. I have been in touch with Ros Davies about the early family history in County Down.  From my great grandfather's marriage registration, I know that my great great grandfather was a farmer (John Sloan) - likely from County Down - as two of his sons were born there.
Old Belfast Photos / Re: Looking for photos of the Botanic Bungalows
« Last post by bjay on Today at 06:07:47 PM »
Hi Bill, the Botanic Bungalows started to be cleared in the late 1960's. As a family were rehoused  by the Belfast Corporation the vacated bungalow was demolished in a phased process.  The bungalows had all gone by 1971 when an exhibition called Ulster '71 was held in the area. The site is now owned by Queens University and a large part is now their car park for the PEC. Belfast Corporation swapped the back  part of Botanic Gardens to Queens in exchange for Cherryvale. There is a thread on the forum with relevant information relating to the bungalows and some residents.
Belfast Genealogy / Re: searching for family in Downpatrick
« Last post by sam barry on Today at 05:55:58 PM »
Try this site of County Down surnames,by Ros hasn't been updated for a while but it might just throw up a Sloan name which might assist you. Do you know if any of the family where married in Downpatrick ?
Belfast History and Memories / Re: old park road
« Last post by chevron on Today at 05:48:08 PM »
to all.just reading oldpark rd and cliftondene cres. did any of you know the McClure's family top end of cliftondene cres?also a Roy pledge who lived on the oldpark rd. he was a captain in the merchant navy.what about the Dunn's/the keels/big Andy Killian police man/there used to be a girl who lived over t antrim rd.Kathleen, who run around with Florry loob think that was the to spell it also eddy Orr lived down at the bottom of the crescent.
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