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Belfast History and Memories / Re: Excise Street, Grosvenor Road.
« Last post by Freda Astaire on Yesterday at 11:21:55 PM »
Well.  I wouldnít dream of arguing with you boys.  Two arches it is then....Turin Street and Little Grosvenor Street. 

My gran moved from 34 Hutchinson Street to a flat in Seymour Hill.  Just after she moved I was in the town with my Mother and she said COME AND WEíLL GO TO SEE HUTCHINSON STREET ONE LAST TIME.  So we walked up to Hutchinson Street and the door could be pushed open.  We went in and my Mother went upstairs.  We went into the return room and my Mother said THIS IS THE ROOM WE SLEPT IN WHEN WE CAME OVER ON HOLIDAYS FROM WALES.  Next room THIS IS THE BOYS BEDROOM.  Front room MY MOTHER AND FATHERíS ROOM.  We went downstairs into the living room.  My Mother pushed me back and motioned me to be quiet and to go out but not before I had seen a man in the kitchen.  When we got out I said to my Mother WHO WAS HE?  The kitchen floor was flooded.  She said HEíS IN STEALING THE COPPER PIPES FROM THE KITCHEN and he was.  He didnít see us
Belfast Genealogy / Re: Joseph Dempsey, Belfast artist
« Last post by Eugene Dunphy on Yesterday at 10:59:30 PM »
Fascinating Jim. Thank you so much! At present, I have quite a bit of information on his life and a comprehensive list of his works - but I have only managed to trace three one-page illustrations. He mostly designed and produced presentation addresses in book form which were usually presented to notable people such as bishops, viscounts and bank officials. He also designed calendars and large banners made of silk or poplin for marching bands. It seems that his work was known in parts America, Canada and Australia.

If you can find any more, please let me know. Thanks again. You've been very kind.  :)
Belfast Genealogy / Re: Joseph Dempsey, Belfast artist
« Last post by JimG on Yesterday at 10:41:19 PM »

I am not connected however thought I would find out more an ulster artist. you will know all of this  ie his family all well educated and Catholic from the census see

Neal Dempsey b~1836 Co Antrim Commercial traveller m~  1863 Mary XXXXX  b~1831[c1901] b~1842 [c1911]
children she had 12 children with 10 living in 1911 missing so this list incomplete
Mary Dempsey             b~1873 [c 1901]    b~ 1865[c1911]    machinist   
Patrick Dempsey    b~1875 [c 1901] not listed [c 1911] in this home   insurance agent
John   Dempsey           b~1876 [c 1901]     b~1868 [c 1911] clerk commercial then Bakery
Rosetta Dempsey   b~ 1877 [c 1901]   b ~1871[c1911]     machinist
Joseph Dempsey [aka Neal Joseph Dempsey] b[c 1901] b~1875 [c1911] [d1954 Eugene] Artist
Jane Dempsey           b~1880 [c 1901]   b~1876 [c1911]housekeeper
Daniel   Dempsey   b~1881 [c 1901] not listed [c1911] in this home   Post Office official
Teresa Dempsey    b~1884 [c 1901] not listed [c1911] in this home   still at school 1901   

1901 6 in Cavendish Square (Falls Ward, Antrim)
1911 1.7 in Cavendish Square (Falls, Antrim)

1918 street directory includes the following
Dempsey, D., postal official, Norfolk Drive Dempsey, John, secretary Bernard Hughes Ltd., 6 Cavendish Square
Dempsey, Jos., designer, illuminator, and lithographer, 133 Donegall Street
Dempsey, Maria, 2 Empress Buildings, Ravenhill Road
Dempsey, Mrs., 54 Thorndale Avenue
Dempsey, Mrs., servants' registry, 53a York Street
Dempsey, Patrick, J.P., Brookvale House, Cliftonville Avenue
Dempsey, Patk., assurance agent, 7 Cavendish Square

joseph still going in 1932 and 1951 but not found in 1960

I had hoped to find more about this creative celtic illuminator but all I found was hundreds of his adverts 1900-1910 period in the Irish news and others newspapers as he started his business and later. I donít have access to
Theo Snoddy, Dictionary of Irish Artists: 20th Century
Irish art illumination. A piece designed by Joseph Dempsey of Belfast. Main Author: Deane, Arthur Citation: Belfast Municipal Art Gallery and Museum Quarterly Notes , No. V, March, 1907Format:   Journal Article Published:March, 1907 Subjects: Celtic Art Illumination > Books > Manuscripts
Neal Joseph Dempsey see
address. The address is a moat artistic specimen of the illuminatorís art, and reflects great credit on the artist, Mr. Joseph Dempsey, 133 Donegall Street. A handsome frame encloses the address on which is represented the ancient Cathedral of St. Canioe see newspapers index
So I hope you find more biograpy and more recent family
good luck
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Excise Street, Grosvenor Road.
« Last post by Jimmy Patterson on Yesterday at 09:54:04 PM »
There were a lot of flags and bunting on the grosvenor road but I only remember the 2 arches. Little grosvenor st was the best one to be around at night Turin st was a quiet one.
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Excise Street, Grosvenor Road.
« Last post by Freda Astaire on Yesterday at 09:46:16 PM »
Well maybe I look back through rose coloured glasses but I thought every street had an arch, flags and buntings and the sun was always shining and I was singing and my exam results were great.     
If it had been up to me Citybloke we would have been gone the morning after the Referendum.
Clean cut-out.
Then just take it from there.
The EU fatcats would have been beating down the doors for our business.
Sadly,for many years now there has not been a Leader in the UK with the native British genes.
The last was Baroness Thatcher-hated simply because she was not one to shirk the true British
values beloved by the indigenous population.
Knifed in the back by her so called male Cabinet-in actual fact by `Big Girl`s Blouses`who knew
they were well below her intelligence and talents-but could not take that on board for the sake
of the Country.
This -I am very well aware will be a most unpopular post-but then I constantly read others which
are not popular with me!
I just wish people would have the courage to embrace the freedom of having our Country back without
the dictatorship of Europe -many little Hitlars in Brussels to my mind.
I shall not post again on this thread-I have had my final say-and throughout the Thread those
opposed have had plenty of theirs-which of course is as it should be.


Iron knickers give me a break Jilly,
She was a run away Train, a wreck waiting to happen and it did,,,
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Excise Street, Grosvenor Road.
« Last post by Dawson on Yesterday at 08:39:52 PM »
I remember walking up the Grosvenor Road from Trelford Street to Blackwater Street every day coming home for lunch with my Father and every street on the left hand side of the road had a beautiful arch and Iím only twenty three.

Colin love.  Every time I read your posts I speed up my reading because youíre always dashing off somewhere and sub consciously I feel I have to get it read before you go.
Freda, I donít remember anymore arches other than those in Turin Street and Little Grosvenor Street.
Exiles / Re: CANADA TO-DAY.
« Last post by scotland on Yesterday at 08:12:04 PM »
Hi all hope everyone is keeping well MCD read your post about waiting to see if you will be picked for jury service I am exempt from that ordeal because of the work I am involved in however I am a witness service member we give information and support to witnesses on the day of trials often going into court with them as they give their evidence it,s very interesting and I have been doing it for 15 years and have met some interesting people Best Wishes to all M☺☺
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Pubs
« Last post by MargaretS on Yesterday at 08:10:38 PM »
MargaretS,perhaps not to you ,but to me and friends that was what it was known as,was told it by a man called Mickey  Murphy who lived on the New Lodge Rd. Beining a teenager I listened to his tales of his exploits and the "swinging diddy" was in them all,quite graphic recounts of evenings and after in the diddy

mickey murphy who ever he was
was a spoofer
do you even know how many bars was in great georges street

you said it was in little georges street

Belfast History and Memories / Re: belfast sayings, do you know any
« Last post by Willty on Yesterday at 07:53:02 PM »
Yer mas a ride and alls done it
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