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Belfast Genealogy / Re: Resource Info Needed
« Last post by CMcG on Today at 12:01:27 PM »
William John is recorded as just John in the following records...

This couple were John Magill and Jane Johnston, who married on 7 October 1872, bachelor John was a labourer from 74 Dundee Street, son of James Magill a coachman, spinster Jane was from 31 Ewarts Row and was the daughter of John Johnston, a blacksmith, George Patterson and Jane Dickson witnessed.

Their five children were: male 1873; John James 1875; Margaret 1877; John James 1883; Andrew 1885 (civil birth registrations should be available on the 'irishgenealogy' website).

Looking for old friends or family / Re: Looking for friends
« Last post by Dympna Wilson on Today at 10:37:16 AM »
I am trying to find anyone who new Maureen Mc Namee who lived and worked in Belfast in 1952/1953.   Particularly a chap by the name of Hugh Duffy, but would be grateful for any response.  A long shot I know but worth a try!!!

Maureen worked in the Royal Victoria Hospital and may have lived in Iris Street, off the Falls Road.  In June 1953 she gave birth to a baby girl in the Jubilee Maternity.

As far as I know Hugh Duffy worked for the old GPO possibly around the same time !!!
Belfast Genealogy / Re: Resource Info Needed
« Last post by MrBluesman72 on Today at 09:46:27 AM »
This is a bit of a stab in the dark but her goes. I have found a record of a William John Magill that lived on Louisa Street in 1901 with his wife Jane and son Andrew. In 1911 William and his wife live on Leopold St the census says they had 5 Children but only 1 is alive. Can anyone find any info about this family ie when other children were born and died when and where they got married. The reason for this enquiry is that on my Great Grandmothers marriage certificate her address was Louisa Street and although a different number a bit of a coincidence that another Magill lives there of the name I am looking for and another coincidence is that one of the witnesses was a Surname ‘Hanna’ of which I have found a family also on Louisa St in the house William lived in previously.
I have been searching for days now for a Thomas Johnston who was wounded in the Dardanelles, Turkey (Galipoli).  He was in the 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers and his mother had put something in the paper when he was injured in June 1915.  After that there is no trace of him, I have checked all records everywhere.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you.
Belfast Chat / Re: He has a valid point
« Last post by belle on Today at 09:11:05 AM »
That sounds about right to be honest. 1% wouldn't be enough.

THE GOD CONCEPT is as old as man, however there are so many variations complicating it  ???
Not a cynic James.  ? :)
"Who Wrote the New Testament"  1.5 hour documentary 2004.

The first documentary in a three part series,... this episode is called... " WHAT IS TRUTH ?"

Click on the square icon at the bottom right of the video to watch it full screen.


A documentary examining the truth behind the writings of the New Testament. There were a collection of 27 compositions, 21 of them letters.

All were originally written in Greek but not a single page or the smallest scrap still exist, only copies of copies written years afterwards.

Yet the impact of the book on the world is hard to exaggerate. Single verses have transformed the lives of countless individuals and changed the course of history. Christians confidently revere the New Testament as authoritative - the word of God. But.....
Exiles / Re: CANADA TO-DAY.
« Last post by SIXTYNINER on Today at 04:25:19 AM »

Don't worry pet! Get what you are saying / meaning so.

For as long AS I'M Still Standing, sure I'll meet-up with & am delighted to do so, with ANY MEMBER of the BF ON HERE ~ NO PROBLEM!  :party: :drinks: :yahoo: :preved: :dance:
Sally Ann,  go girl,  I think some of them go over just to visit you ha.  by the way, I was writing 'youse'  the way I  saw it in a book I was reading , the ones by the Dr Taylor,  of Ireland , north and south and they spelt the youse that way, I liked it but it does not seem to work in this day and age so I think I 'll stop it.  I have a hard time just typing plain English ha.  anyway take care and god bless and hope you both keep safe.  Liz :-*   
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