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Belfast History and Memories / Re: st anthonys parish east belfast
« Last post by Briedge on Today at 06:24:20 PM »
Itís all ignorance! Many a Protestant told me they hated all catholicís but I was ok!
Belfast Genealogy / Name on a marriage certificate
« Last post by Ultima24 on Today at 06:19:43 PM »
Hi Guys

so I hit a brick wall a few years ago and ever since ive been trying to get past this but every time I look at the info I have got I keep asking myself the same question, do I have the right answer

So my Great Grandmother Kate Horan married a William Murdoch in Belfast 1912, she put on the marriage cert that her fathers name was Matthew.

One of my Aunties suggested to me she was from an area down south called Mountmellick which I think is part of Co.Mayo

I was doing a bit of digging today and was on irishgenealogy and I thought I had made a breakthrough, I found a birth record for a Catherine Horan in Mountmellick around the time I thought she was born but the Fathers name was recorded as John Horan, no mention of Matthew.

Long story short guys how common was it for a person to use 2 different names, it seems the period I was looking for a baptism record for this John/Matthew Horan i'm not sure exists anymore and could have been destroyed or lost.

it could be something i'm overthinking but could use some help
Belfast History and Memories / Re: st anthonys parish east belfast
« Last post by Gus123a on Today at 05:38:34 PM »
Yes itís strange to look back on those times and when I tell my friends here now about it they look at you with bewilderment! Lived in Southampton for 48 years as I was ď advised ď to leave myself and a couple of years later the house was brought up in was burnt down but fortunately my parents were here with me at the time for a holiday . But the world hasnít learnt by the evidence of current affairs in America ! History only shows us the mistakes we will make in the future
Belfast History and Memories / Re: st anthonys parish east belfast
« Last post by Briedge on Today at 05:24:31 PM »
Hi yes, I did know Pearcey and remember the night he was tragically killed. We were always worried that it would be our family next as I had 2 brothers, Michael, sadly passed away, and Noel who was much younger! Itís hard to believe we lived through so much.
Belfast Chat / MCKay
« Last post by jansidd on Today at 05:02:55 PM »
Hi, Iím looking for anyone who is related to my mums Aunt. Her name was Lizzy Larmour from Ewarts Row Belfast who, then married and became Lizzy McKay. Lizzy had a daughter called Betty, but donít know her married name. Betty had a daughter called Lorraine who would be in her 50ís now. All information is appreciated.
Belfast History and Memories / Re: st anthonys parish east belfast
« Last post by Gus123a on Today at 04:55:45 PM »
Briedge you may have remembered or known or Pearse McCrory who lived on Ravenhill Ave ? I went to st Anthonyís and st augustines with him and he played in the same schools team . I lived in Greenore st bit further down the Woodstock
Belfast History and Memories / Re: st anthonys parish east belfast
« Last post by Marcas on Today at 04:49:33 PM »
A GAA team in Daddy Winkers Lane. Who would have thought it !

Old Belfast Photos / Re: Malcolm lane belfast
« Last post by geri_hill on Today at 04:23:31 PM »
I am from Canada and would also love to see a photo of Malcolm Lane.  I have several family members on my tree connected to that road.
Hello All,

I am trying to locate a Elizabeth Gillespie DOB 04.05.1934 today would be 86YRS.

Elizabeth was the Daughter of Arthur & Bridget Loughlin who lived on 75 Harding Street, Belfast in 1932.

Elizabeth we think married a man with the surname QUINN sometime before 1956 approx who they had a son.

Elizabeth then left Belfast and went to Scotland where she married a John Gillespie and went on to have 2 girls.

Elizabeth left Scotland without her husband and children and returned to Belfast. Below are the addresses I have during her time in Belfast from 1934-1977.

20 Mile River Street, Belfast
75 Harding Street, Belfast
York Street, Belfast 1950's
Sancta Maria Hostel, 100 Cliftonville Road, Belfast 1977

Please get in touch with any information no matter how big or small.

Greatly appreciated
Belfast Genealogy / Re: Cremations
« Last post by helena61 on Today at 03:19:48 PM »
Cremation records are not online.  If you ring Roselawn Crematorium 02890 448342 they can give you dates, be helpful if you have dates of death or year and addresses as there can be more than one person with the same name
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