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Belfast History and Memories / Re: Sandy Row
« Last post by boops on Today at 02:28:31 PM »
Hi John, I do not remember grannie Moore but I remember Davie's sister living there , John, I did not know that the family went to Canada ,
    I  hope life was good for them there.

  When I was a child  my dad  told us a story about his older brother William and Mr Moore going to Canada as young men in the 1930's they had to work on a farm
and each  night they were locked up till morning ,I do not remember for how long they were there but they managed to escape and make their
way back home to Belfast, their parents  were  informed  that the two lads had stowed away  and would be released when their fares were paid for
 so my wee granny went down to the docks, payed the cost and got her son home again. It just seemed like a story ,until I was putting together a family tree
  seventy odd years after hearing this tale ,when . sent  me a hint and I realised the story was true
     As to age, I am 81 and send you    early Birthday greetings also   God bless and keep you safe and well .. B
Saw this programme for the first time last Christmas thereabouts, sent an email, filled in a form about a 1957 radio I have which needs a  bit of work doing on it. Still waiting for a reply. Gerry in Coventry. :)
Belfast Chat / Where is James James The Administrator?
« Last post by geraldine williamson on Today at 01:58:29 PM »
I sent couple of messages to our Admin JJ, has he left the BF? Gerry (Geraldine but Gerry to my Friends on BF) in Coventry. Thanks.
Belfast Genealogy / Re: “Pat the Watcher”. Who was he?
« Last post by Bread Basket on Today at 01:00:15 PM »
Murphy could be a good shout but my reservation hangs on one thing only.... if a large house had servants, in the main they would live in or very close by (granted upper Galboly is) but if a farmer had to look after his own farmland, crops and animals then i’m Unsure that he could hold a job within a large estate house like Garron Tower.
Patrick Harvey is the only one in the age bracket of “Pat the Watcher” (1901 Census) who is a a Farm Labourer, all other men listed in the town lands of similar age are Farmers or other professions.
But hey, he very well may have died pre 1901.

Family records for The Tower in PRONI May reveal the mystery.

Wouldn’t have liked to bump into Pat on a dark night... looks a bit scary.😳
Wanted / Re: Pre 1944 Belfast Street Directories
« Last post by stephen198023 on Today at 12:51:29 PM »
For my own records as I collect the books
Belfast Chat / UDR 50th anniversary
« Last post by brixmis on Today at 12:43:29 PM »
Today I am thinking of the over 250 members of the UDR who were murdered by republican criminal cowards both on and off duty and even after they left the regiment.
Today marks the 50th anniversary of the deployment of the UDR on Operation Banner were they would remain for the full 22 years of their history before being amalgamated into the Royal Irish Regiment and continuing in their role until 1997 until the end of Operation Banner.
Ladies and gentlemen of the UDR thank you for your service. :hi:

Quis Separabit.

Please do not respond to the unhinged who may try to denounce this regiment.
Please rise above them.
Wanted / Re: Pre 1944 Belfast Street Directories
« Last post by Bud on Today at 12:20:26 PM »
Is this for your own records or are you scanning them for a records website? I only ask as I am looking for details on family members and would be good to look through
Looking for old friends or family / Re: Billy and Jim Rea
« Last post by Bud on Today at 12:06:53 PM »
was it the yellow pages or old phone books used to have peoples phone numbers and addresses in them? I wonder if there is a website where we could check, I asked my sister who definitely remembers a Jean Rea who lived in Woodlee Street who lived on her own.  Could be the same one
Belfast Genealogy / Re: “Pat the Watcher”. Who was he?
« Last post by CMcG on Today at 12:02:15 PM »
Yes, I'm guessing 45-55 for George in the 2nd photo and well into 60s for Pat in the 1st photo (and quite elderly in the 2nd photo).  In terms of location, I wondered about nearby Galboly Clachan, I know there was a Patrick Murphy there in 1901, and I wondered if he was related to the Patrick Murphy who died a bit north in Galbolly Upper in 1886 (ie. could this latter Patrick be the Watcher): (note the informant)

But I'm just taking potshots.  Presumably the PRONI holding of letters and estate reports might contain a reference somewhere...

Belfast History and Memories / Re: Sandy Row
« Last post by john kennedy on Today at 11:34:29 AM »
I know what is like to be forgetful but I do remember my first love Martha creg of mitilda street and that was for a few years I believe it was scotlands sister I joind the army so things did not work out for us her brother used to fallow us to make sure we did not get up to things if you know what I mean but good times you never forget   Bring on more memories it's good for you    John
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