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Belfast Chat / Re: I really think it's time for this
« Last post by White dee on Today at 07:25:23 PM »

No problems about a flag as its not going to happen.  :D

Ah pity you feel that way, we might even let you fly it above City Hall  :P

this gent is ROYS uncle none other than MR Budden him self
 I remember him so well use to wear old checked shirts and blue dungarees ,, such a gentleman ,, he Actually came
from SUSSEX same place I'm living ,,, anyway he met roys mums sister RUBY , in war time married and well the rest is history ,,, thank you Frank

Belfast History and Memories / Re: Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
« Last post by jsg53 on Today at 06:59:06 PM »
Great, Thanks one and all


MR Budden,s front garden at lowood 1963
at the front robbert and peter Budden also in the pic is wee paul poots who we all knew as
pootsie ,, he lived at 39 sheringhurst park ,, ps love that old Cortina
on behalf of FRANK AND ROY
regards tommy
 front of donegall road, near st simons church left in 1972.
 also at   broadview ave south of dundas st in Toronto canada
Tommy, I couldn't thank you enough for pushing forward with this and getting a result! Roy had said that Frank was a very keen, and also very good photographer, when I spoke to him on P.M., so we could be in for some excellent photographs. Please ask Frank if he has a copy of their mother sitting knitting at her fireside. It is such a good and striking image and shows the way the women kept beautiful hearths with polished brasses when open fires were still on the go. I think it might have been Harrisburg Street where she lived. Unfortunately I lost the copy Roy sent me at the time and would love to have it again. Thanks again and I look forward to this evening! Regards, H.  :-*
HELEN he,s told me its not a prob, he said he will try and sort more out for me I think he,s pleased that in some way Roy is still part of the forum  will be posting tonight  :-*
« Last post by James James on Today at 04:05:28 PM »
HMS Formidable 1942,... dramatic and powerful picture,... and a very good website... which describes the accident at the launch of the vessel.

That's absolutely great news. Seaviewite loved this thread and its endeavours. If you ask him if we can post the booklet he wrote, Tommy, I can send you it on email. Maybe you already have a copy. I never was able to make contact with the wider family. Regards.
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