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Belfast Genealogy / Re: Mary Brigid Toner - Nurse.
« Last post by Seasons on Yesterday at 04:13:00 PM »
I'm coming back to this posting with the Hope I can find if Mary Brigid Toner born 1906 22 Lower English Street Armagh married and had a family, and or her date and place of death.

I have searched and searched along with Help and assistance from PRONI and GRONI to try and find her either on the Nursing Register, Marriage and Death.

I have found her family in Armagh and who her sisters married but just no sign whatsoever of Mary Brigid. I have also found her parents grave in St Patricks Catheral Graeyard.

Although she Trained in London from 1924 to 1927 and I believe she  returned home 1928 it's proving difficult to see where she settled, the Nursing and Midwifery Council cannot give any informtion out due to their Data Protection Laws. Does anyone know if this can be challenged?

She was in Maghera 1946 as that was her last place of residence. - i'm almost certain but not 100% 
I searched all Chapels in that local area - Nothing at all was found. Yes! Toner's in Swatragh but not the same family.

Any help or suggestions would be most welcomed.


Belfast Genealogy / Travellers research ?
« Last post by mrsh on Yesterday at 02:37:49 PM »
Is it a waste of time trying to find records right back to before1830 ,found one marriage in 1874 of my grandmothers sister ,
« Last post by JackM on Yesterday at 01:42:12 PM »

The `Ulster Express`. Boat train from London Euston to Heysham.   :)
« Last post by JackM on Yesterday at 01:39:04 PM »

York Road.   :)
« Last post by JackM on Yesterday at 01:25:34 PM »
Seeing these photos brought back some memories of the many times we sailed on the Dukes. They always seemed overcrowded and I can remember a couple of occasions when along with others we slept out on the deck, either under a staircase or in an area protected with tarpaulin as even the floor of the lounge was covered with so many bodies there was nowhere else to go.

They were always very well patronised in Winter or in Summer. In Summer there would have been daylight sailings as well. I was always lucky enough to travel `First Class` on them, as my company picked up the tab. Silver Service dinning and a Cabin Steward at the press of a button.
British Rail's decision in late 1974 to close Heysham`s railway station, brought about the demise of the service, although it would not have lasted much longer.   :)
Belfast Chat / Re: He's Goofed
« Last post by JackM on Yesterday at 01:02:31 PM »
I think this is the problem. Most certainly everyone in the Public sector will benefit and perhaps the Private sector as well. Dealing with the Public sector, its quite clear the bumbling, buffoonish figure that is Farry, has goofed, big time. I note that in the past he has always been highly critical of excesses as he puts it. Perhaps he doesn't consider this `goof` as an excess, even through it could make the RHI scheme look like pocket money, in comparison ?   :) Proof positive why the Alliance party, shouldn't hold Ministerial posts.  :)
Belfast Genealogy / Re: New info on Campbell family
« Last post by JimG on Yesterday at 11:50:02 AM »
Oops apologies ' a Military Record for Joseph' i was having a muddle with a different Joseph Campbell

thanks for confirming 363 Crumlin road existed for Rose

You engineering a plaque of remembrance for Rose is a wonderful act.
Belfast Genealogy / Re: Searching for Records before 1864
« Last post by JimG on Yesterday at 11:31:32 AM »

That Irishgenealogy website you have used, is it   I am not looking it up until I read your reply

if you did then some location or church should have been cited or perhaps some detail witnesses might give clues  You have come onto the Belfast forum so that leads me onwards in the meantime  Belfast itself lies in Co Antrim and in Co Down

the census substitutes include the Tithe Applotment books 1823-1837 indexed by parish by the the Irish Genealogy hub, however itís a one line record name and qty of land for tax purposes, nevertheless useful in the 6 counties by county no Belfast but in case Andrew comes into Belfast at the time of James birth
Graham, Andrew-Townland: Ballykennedy Year: 1827-Killead-Antrim
Graham, Andrew-Townland: Anagrane Year: 1834-Aghavea-Fermanagh
Graham, Andrew-T: Boyaghan Y: 1835-Derryvullan-Fermanagh
Graham, Andrew-Tl: Gubbaroo Yr: 1828-Magheraculmoney-Fermanagh
Graham, Andrew-Townland: Anagrane Year: 1834-Aghavea-Tyrone
Graham, Andw.-Tl: Strabane Fields and Gardens Yr: 1828-Camus-Tyrone
Graham, Andrew-T: Killicorran Y: 1825-Clogher-Tyrone
there are to many Dunlap and Dunlop to list

the census substitutes include the Griffiths Valuation lists
if Andrew is still alive
the Co Antrim list includes
the Co Down list includes
this is dated 1863 he has a modest house in Ballycowan townland thatís the nearest to Belfast so far

on the basis of what you list those Graham/Dunlop are :-
not in
not in which is just Co Down recheck for Drumbo entries
not obvious in  where there are Samuel Graham m  Dunlops
in  marriages
1847   Andrew  GRAHAM   Eliza  withheld   Lisburn   Antrim   
1855   Andrew  GRAHAM   Eliza  withheld   Ballymena   Antrim   
however the reverse check for Eliza Dunlop did not produce matches
1847   Thomas  withheld   Elizabeth  DUNLOP   Ballycastle   Antrim
1848   John  withheld   Eliza  DUNLOP   Larne      Antrim   
1850   Edward  withheld   Elizabeth  DUNLOP   Coleraine   Antrim   
1852   John  withheld   Elizabeth  DUNLOP   Ballycastle   Antrim   
1852   John  withheld   Elizabeth  DUNLOP   Belfast      Antrim   
1854   Peter  withheld   Elizabeth  DUNLOP   Belfast      Antrim

my understanding is emeraldancestors is built upon family search results and you can join and buy credits etc
variations on graham spellings are rare, Dunlop sometimes Dunlap

lastly you can search for Andrew Graham in street directories that are based on Belfast
eg Mary Lennonís index is quicker

do you have more information? 

Belfast Genealogy / John Ferguson 43 Geoffrey Street 1918 -1939
« Last post by BobF on Yesterday at 11:05:14 AM »
My Granddad John Ferguson  lived in Geoffrey Street from at least 1914 until he died in 1939. He served in the military during the first world war he died after many years suffering from the results of mustard has poisioning. Can anyone help to to find out what military unit he would have served with. I have no information at all about his military service at all. Maybe some of my relatives may know.(I have been living away from NI for over 50 years.
Bob Ferguson
Belfast History and Memories / Re: The Riveters
« Last post by Helentart on Yesterday at 10:31:24 AM »
Hi Richard. Thank you for getting in touch.  That's amazing family history you have. Do you know if he or his mates there used morse code to talk to each other as they were deaf? My research says yes but I don't know what They said to each other in morse code. Was he a catch boy as I read if they didn't have a glove to carry the rivets they had to carry by hand these scolding hot metal rivets. They really had a bad time of it. I'm including the previous years dock strike with Jim larkin. 

Roy thank you for information.  This is good stuff. . My novel is in the early stages but it's coming along really well I'm getting some really interesting information. . Titanic belfast doesn't really say a lot about the ship builders which I think is a shame as they were as important as the victims of the ship as well and ma nydied building it. I think their story needs to be told.

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