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Belfast Genealogy / Re: Searching family tree for McColl
« Last post by CMcG on Yesterday at 05:01:28 PM »
I did wonder if the Grahams were connected, lol (I haven't yet found a connection).

Anyhow, I have another surname spelling for your list...

You may have noticed that in the 1887 marriage of Matthew McCool to Ellen Hartin, Matthew was described as a widower. His previous marriage was to Teressa Rollins in 1863, the groom's surname was recorded as McCoul, I'm assuming that Teressa had a Lurgan connection, since both were recorded as residing in Belfast  :

'Teressa' (note the long S in the above registration) died in Belfast in 1882, her death was registered under 'Teresa McColl', I couldn't readily see any children for the couple:

An interesting detail in the 1863 marriage is the age of Matthew (or 'Mathew', again pretty well interchangeable spellings).  You're not new to this, so will already know that folk back then didn't observe birthdays like we do today, hence a general (and sometimes very generous) looseness over age and birth year.  The relevant 1901 census return (house 75 in Shamrock Street) indicated that he was born c. 1855 in Co. Antrim. His 1906 civil death registration indicated that he was born c. 1850, while his burial record for grave E 208 in Belfast City Cemetery indicated a birth year c. 1845. So interesting that the 1863 marriage indicates a yet earlier birth year of 1839.  One would like to think that the 1863 indication of birth year was more accurate than the 1901 indication. 

The familysearch website has a couple of entries in it's 'Ireland Births and Baptisms, 1620-1881' collection which are worth noting... but no more than that, for there is absolutely nothing else to suggest that they are relevant.  They are christenings for a Matthew McCoul on 18 July 1838 and a Thomas McCoul on 7 October 1842 for parents Peter and Mary McCoul, the geographic reference is 'Aghalee, County Antrim'.

In terms of the McColl generation that comprised siblings David (b. 1913), Catherine a.k.a. Kathleen (b. 1915), Johanna (b. 1920?) and Alice (b. 1923?)... of the two that remained here in Northern Ireland...

- I'm not finding newspaper references to indicate children of David McColl and his wife (Dillo?);
- I'm only seeing newspaper references to indicate a daughter Joan Johnston of Kathleen McColl and Robert Johnston, who then presumably married a Jackie Greer and had a daughter Jacqueline Greer.

But obviously, if you step back a generation to the siblings of John ('Jack') McColl and Johanna Walsh, and then work forward, there will probably be quite a few living relatives.

Belfast History and Memories / Re: Excise Street, Grosvenor Road.
« Last post by RebeccaK on Yesterday at 04:51:08 PM »
Hi Freda, all is well with the virus thus far - fingers crossed things stay that way. There's been a reported case of the coronavirus close to the border, but there have been no confirmed cases in the Netherlands. Hope all is well with you and the dogs.

And Jimmy, I'm thinking she doesn't! ;)
Belfast History and Memories / Re: St Patrick's Barnageeha, Antrim Road
« Last post by Bread Basket on Yesterday at 04:45:08 PM »
At last?   I did notice the difference in spelling but though that the question was worth asking. Just in case  breadbasket had the wrong spelling
I see that a new school is being built on the old site of Archie,s dam.  The present school is being demolished. :-\

what I can tell you is that Francie Kearns ( would be around 66 if still living) did have an older brother but no idea of his name or age. However what I do know is that the elder brother was playing for a North England football team, Burnley I think and had a trial for Man Utd, that would have been early 60’s.
Belfast History and Memories / Re: Argenta Iinformation
« Last post by Bread Basket on Yesterday at 04:27:36 PM »

If you go to the Home page on the Forum, look to the top right corner and you will see a search box, just type in Agenta or anything else that you may be interested in and you could turn up all sorts of previous related topics.

Belfast Genealogy / Re: Searching family tree for McColl
« Last post by Silversong on Yesterday at 02:57:32 PM »
I think this may be the marriage in 1915 in St. Anne's Church of Ireland Belfast, recorded as John 'McCool' and Johanna Walsh:

A David 'McCoole' was born in 1913 to John McCoole and Johanna Walsh of 37 Methuen Street:

So much of what you are finding and sharing, CMcG, is familiar, once in print.

CMcG, thank you so very sincerely for allowing me to discover (through your kind efforts) mom's family and my ancestors. You have provided so many connections, and so much interesting history, that I could never have discovered without your hard work!  I am diligently saving each newspaper clipping, image and link.  I spent a good part of last evening updating the family tree and watching it grow with appreciation.

I begin to understand why my mother, Alice, could not commit to the spelling of her maiden name.  McColl, McCool, McCoole (I never guessed that spelling even existed). And now Walsh or Welsh?

[size=78%]Fun notes - John and Johanna were married on the same month and day I was born Also, David and Alice both married Graham's, from opposite sides of the Atlantic. It may be interesting, some day , to see if the Graham families eventually interconnect. :) [/size]
Belfast History and Memories / Argenta Iinformation
« Last post by Mccann3447 on Yesterday at 02:29:54 PM »
I was wondering if anyone here has any publications photos or info on the SS/HMS Argenta, Please contact me if you can!
Belfast Genealogy / Re: William and Isabella Greer
« Last post by carlamm on Yesterday at 01:36:35 PM »

This is truly incredible. I started researching the family tree back in 2014 but just didn't have any information to go from so i never got anywhere. Then i stumbled across your message and the only info i had was 184 snugville st and a couple of names.
Are we able to message privately?
Belfast Genealogy / Re: Belfast Docks WW2
« Last post by Bread Basket on Yesterday at 01:14:20 PM »
Hi Clare,
You may be lucky to unearth something if you trawl this link.
Good luck.

Ps the two main billets May have been, Victoria Barracks & possibly Holywood Barracks, Girwood Barracks also springs to mind. There again the troops may have been billeted in a Warehouse on the actual docks.

Belfast Genealogy / Re: Irvine East Bread Street
« Last post by Clarewilli on Yesterday at 12:47:13 PM »
I have had another look at my family tree on ancestry as I havenīt looked at it in a long time. I now have a Maria Callan as the mother of Maria and wife of William with a marriage record of 14/06/1886 and marias birth as 18/02/1900. With siblings Sarah Jane and Annie. Now I am evenmore confused as the Elizabeth Hunter would make more sense with Maria having hunter as her middle name . I have some hand written notes from my grandmother which I will have to find and check.

Belfast Genealogy / Belfast Docks WW2
« Last post by Clarewilli on Yesterday at 12:00:31 PM »
Does anyone have any knowledge of history regarding the british troops who were stationed in belfast during the war. My grandfather was stationed there and it is where he met my grandmother. The only information I have is that they were guarding the warehouses in the docks. Many Thanks

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