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Books about Marketing
« on: November 03, 2006, 02:48:27 PM »
The books below have been listed for Age Concern in Ballynahinch. Please PM me if you are interested in any
of the titles as I have the books at the moment and would need to return them to the shop for collection .

The Chartered Institute of Marketing   2002
Integrated Marketing Communications
International Marketing Strategy
Strategic Marketing Management .. Analysis and Decision
Strategic Marketing Management .. Planning and Control

"Contemporary Strategic Marketing"
Ross Brennan, Paul Baines and Paul Garneau.  Palgrave MacMillan 2003

"Great Answers to Tough Marketing Questions"
P. R. Smith. Kogan Page. 1999

"How to Produce Successful Advertising"
A Guide to Strategy, Planning and Targeting. A. D. Farbey. Kogan Page. 2nd edition 1998

"Market Driven Management. Strategic Operational Marketing"
Jean-Jacques Lambin. MacMillan Business 2000

"Social Marketing. Improving the Quality of Life"
Philip Kotler, Ned Roberto and Nancy Lee. 2nd edition Sage Publications 2002

"Social Responsibility in the Global Market"
Mary Ann Littrell / Marsha Ann Dickson. Sage Publications 1999

"Strategic Marketing. Planning and Control"
Graeme Drummond and John Ensor. 2nd edition Butterworth Heinemann. 2003 

"The Communications Challenge"
Edited by Julian Saunders. The Account Planning Group. 2004

"Value for Money Marketing"
Roddy Mullin. Kogan Page. 2001 (Free CD Rom included)

"Winning People Round to Change in a Week"
Graham Willcocks and Steve Morris. Institute of Management. Hodder & Soughton. 2000