Author Topic: The Red Barn, Rosemary Street  (Read 8088 times)


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Re: The Red Barn, Rosemary Street
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I always thought you lived in a street behind Rosevale St.
My name is Jim Ward, and Bridie and Dan were my aunt and uncle  I don't know the Kathleen McGeown who was mentioned in an earlier post. It was her brother or sister called Pat. If you go back a few posts you will see this.
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Re: The Red Barn, Rosemary Street
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I worked in the red barn back in the 80's  first in kitchen for Brian McKenna my mum Phyllis's also worked for Brian serving the food . Then I worked in the Bar using I worked along side Seamus the owner my aunt Audrey also worked in behind the bar and there was Kathleen and Maureen worked upstairs in the star and garder . Brian McKenna also did Dj on Saturday nights upstairs he now owns a bar in sailor town called McKenna. Great memories Seamus was a wonderful boss god rest his soul. I left in 89 to come to Canada where I still live